Имя: Kostik

Краткая характеристика (его): A Corolla-driving aluminum-sided house owner (which usually means a loser), who works in cancer research. As a kid (1986-1990) I used to work in archaeological expeditions in the Altay Mountains. Now travelling occasionally here and there (from Puerto Rico to Australia) mostly for business. Haven't been to Russia since 1994. My home base is currently in Cleveland suburbs, Ohio.
Have two kids of both kinds. Still haven't got a potbelly and very proud of it. What else? I don't watch TV and rarely read newspapers. Read a lot of books instead.
I've written several short stories in English and been trying to market them. So far without success. If interested, feel free to ask for a file. Been working on a novel.
Caucasian heterosexual male with no religious affiliation and average income.
The most important and relevant info about me is that I like your web-page tremendously.

День рождения: 21.02.72

E-mail: ksl9@po.cwru.edu

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